Fulfillmen offers the most efficient drop shipping services to the customers. Customers who don’t want to use our sourcing services and already have connections with some suppliers in China or those who purchase products from Aliexpress or similar websites can order products and send it to our warehouse. Customers can use our warehouse address as the receivers’ shipping address. Products from Chinese suppliers will take 2 to 3 days to reach our warehouse. After we have received the products;

We will do a random quality check and if there is any damage or mismatch found, we will immediately update you with the same.

Our Operations team will remove all those things which are in the Chinese language like pamphlets, instruction manuals, promotional brochures etc so that the end customer won't know that the product is coming from China.

We will then repack the product safely for shipping. We offer customized packing like inserting thank you cards, using logo printed boxes, colored boxes and whatever things the customer wants. All these services will be charged as per the complexity of work.

Fulfillmen then will ship the product via many number of channels that your choosen from the shipping channel list. We have an extensive network of shipping channels including express, postal and special channels which offer faster and efficient shipping services at cheaper rates. Hassle free shipping at lower rates.

All these things will be done using our own advanced WMS system in which you can create an account and can see everything related to your shipping right in your PC at home. We make everything automated right from inventory management to tracking of orders. It is just like having an office in China.

do like a pro!!